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"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor" (Lk 4:18)

Jesus is healing and cleansing me and I thank and praise him for that.

Dear Father Joseph,

We the Two Hearts Prayer Group from Our Lady of Lourdes and St Vincent de Paul Church are organising coaches departing from London for the one day retreats in Ramsgate.

I also felt that I should let you know of my experience attending the last two one day retreats in Ramsgate:

After 3 years of abstaining from sex I became restless and went looking on the internet for male attention. Subsequently I fell into sexual temptation and sin. I lost my peace and felt unhappy. After seven months I reached a breaking point and decided to get serious and deleted my profile off all of the internet sites and asked Jesus for forgiveness. One week after this I attended the Divine Retreat Centre, Ramsgate for the one day retreat on the first Saturday of June. I had a headache from the Friday and it continued on Saturday. I felt restless and irritated when I arrived at the Retreat and decided not to attend the afternoon session. However somehow I was drawn back and while you were ministering I felt God talking to me regarding all my sexual sins and I made a promise to Him that afternoon that I will never commit such sins again and I will wait on Him for everything in my life including a husband if that be His will. However my headache continued and as I returned home in the coach I began to feel increasingly unwell. Once home I went to lay in my bed and smelt a bad odour but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I awoke on Sunday still suffering from a headache and feeling nausea. The smell was stronger now and I recognised it as dead rat smell. In the midst of my sickness I searched my bedroom and wardrobe for the deceased creature but to no avail. I never miss Mass on Sunday but I felt so unwell I stayed at home. I then vomited twice which is very unusual for me. I started to feel that I was being delivered from the filth of my past. By evening time I began to feel better and felt light. The next day I got up to go to work with the rat smell still present in my bedroom but I didn’t care because I felt God was at work and I was prepared to smell it for the next few weeks while it rotted in the cavity of the wall. I returned home in the evening and my friend came over to pray. When she left I looked down in the wardrobe and saw the rat sitting in perfect condition looking fully alive! I called my son and asked him to come and remove it. When he saw it he said mum it looks like it’s alive but I told him it is dead so he picked it up and removed it from our flat. I was amazed because it wasn’t in the wardrobe when I had been searching earlier and it was sitting looking like it was alive in an open place and uninjured. Furthermore our cat who is a predator would never leave a rat intact like that and would always present it to us and not place it in the wardrobe. I don’t know how it go there but I do know God was cleansing me and my home.
A few days leading up to the one retreat last Saturday (5th July) the left side of my forehead became inflamed and was really sore on the day of the retreat then on Sunday night a little hard lump that had been deep under my skin for many years and I thought could never come out, came out! Furthermore for many years I had a patch of seborrhoeic dermatitis on my face that the doctor told me would never go away and could only prescribe steroid cream to reduce the itchiness. However since the retreat last week it gas stopped itching completely and it has faded. Jesus is healing and cleansing me and I thank and praise him for that.

Father please pray for us (especially Mimi who is reaching out to so many) to give us the courage, wisdom and love as we approach these people and invite them to the retreat to experience Jesus healing in their lives.

Thank you Father,

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  1. juno james juno james
    December 22, 2014    

    Praise the Lord…..Bless the Lord my soul….Bless his holy name.

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