During this retreat, I could feel the presence of God; my hands were shaking, my body was moving and I was filled with joy and happiness. I felt more close to God. I received the gift of tears and repentance. I was able to confess all of my sins, even those that I could not confess in previous confessions. I was able to forgive and ask for forgiveness.



I was able to reflect on what sins I had committed and pledged to change my life. I forgave those who caused me pain mentally and physically. I am now able to accept myself for who I am. I have opened my mind to the concept of heaven and want to live my faith in a practical manner. I want to act out my faith. I feel as though my inner wounds are all healed and have developed an optimistic trust in Christ.



My thirst for God is much greater than when I entered the retreat centre. I had gone through a lot of hardships with my parents since I was young. At times I felt lonely and neglected. However, for the first time during adoration, I was able to forgive them and forgive myself for treating them badly. Now, I feel so much joy and happiness than before this retreat. I have come to appreciate God’s love and mercy. I finally realise that God’s mercy is much greater than my sins and the capacity of his love can never be offered by anyone else but him. From this experience, I now know the importance and significance of the Blessed Sacrament.



In this retreat, God healed my ear infection and gave me wisdom when I prayed for it. God forgave all my sins and gave me happiness and love.



I want to thank God for blessing me by bringing me and each and everyone else here to this retreat centre.      Thank you Lord! This retreat has taught me a lot about the importance of God and has helped me with my bible studies. I had cried massively in this retreat and believe that it is the Holy Spirit opening my heart to what I could not see before. God healed my inner wounds and everything I had sinned against. It was also the first time that I confessed whole-heartedly. The adoration helped me to forgive people who I never knew I was angry with. The music team here are truly amazing and blessed. Thank you Fr Joseph, Fr George, Br James and all the volunteers. Thank you God!



At Divine Retreat Centre for the first time in a few years, I feel happy for no reason. Normally I don’t smile from the heart. Today I feel innocent. After I said sorry to the people I’ve hurt and forgave my enemies. Now I don’t fear God for my sins. I feel confident that I wouldn’t sin so easily. I don’t doubt the existence of God.



My name is Greeshma. I come from Maidstone. On Wednesday evening, while we were busy with praising God, Father said someone’s praying for a guy called “Antony”. I immediately knew it was my father because I was praying for him to get better eyesight. Today when praying for inner wounds and all, I received a gift of the Holy Spirit which was the “Gift of Tears”. Because of this I was able to praise God more freely and I felt I could tell everything about Jesus, like about how I want him to touch me, to help me with all my troubles and fears etc. Today when we had to forgive people and ask for forgiveness deep inside me I personally felt a huge weight was taken off me. I felt like a new person again. Nothing was bothering me anymore. All my worries suddenly disappeared. I don’t have a huge headache anymore. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah!

Greeshma Antony


Before this Hesed retreat, I was a different person. There was a lot of anger and pain in my heart stemming from different reasons, because of these reasons I moved away from God. I didn’t want to, but it happened. I turned to drugs for healing, though deep down I knew no amount of drug could heal the hole in my heart. Skipping to the start of my retreat, I was doubtful, I believed I knew everything, that I knew what I was doing, I still believed in the Lord but I just couldn’t rekindle my bond with him. Hesed not only gave me hope, but it helped me become the happy child I was before. Thank you Lord and thank you Hesed.



In the Divine Retreat Centre, I received the Holy Spirit, which gave me a fulfilling happiness and healed both my legs from eczema. Also, before the retreat I was slowly converting to an atheist and because of the preachings and bible verses, it restored my faith in Christianity, also after my confession I was very pleased when I fully revealed my sins.



During the adoration, I was able to become closer to God.



During the adoration, I was able to see Jesus’ face in the blessed sacrament. I also had jaw pain and one the second day it was cured.



Coming this time for the youth retreat was different, I didn’t want to come here in the first place, I was made to come by my parents so I came. On the fourth day, I was healed of the pain in my elbow I had for two days and I felt really hot. Then, Father said that feeling hot was a sign of the Holy Spirit. Then I started speaking in tongues.

Isaac Rodrigues


Hi I am Sneha and I am from Ashford. On Wednesday evening during adoration, Father said someone is praying for Sneha and I was completely shocked because I don’t really take in mind someone praying for me. When I heard thus I was very happy. So today’s adoration I prayed for the person that was praying for me and I hope whoever it was they will be very happy and that they will spread the happiness. This was a very good experience.

Sneha Ajith


My name is Meba. I come from Ashford. My experience from this retreat so far is very good. On Monday, I was able to cry out to my Lord and experience God’s presence. The same thing happened on Tuesday. On Wednesday during the adoration, Father said some people who have skin problems and white patches on their faces will get cured. I was very happy because I had these skin problems and also because the Lord had heard my prayer. I was also able to cry to the Lord and the Holy Spirit came upon me and gave me the gift of tongues and I was shaking a lot. After the adoration when the light was on, my skin problems was reduced. Today was another great day too because there was Healing Adoration and we had to forgive our enemies. During the adoration I was able to forgive everyone and I also prayed for my skin problems. When the light was on again, I saw my skin problem was reduced a lot but had not gone completely. I also had a lot of joy within me – it was a great feeling. I also felt like that out of all the retreats I went to, this was the most powerful.



My five days in Divine is that before I came here I was a sinful boy – I had so many sins to confess because I wasn’t able to confess properly before. Now that I have confessed, I feel more free and feel likes Jesus and his angels and Holy Spirit is with me, protecting me.



I attended the Hesed retreat with my three children, because I wanted them to grow spiritually, although my two daughters attend church with me regularly, I knew they needed more. My Son had not been to Church for five years and his life was not good at all. He dropped out of school during his A-level and had bad habits. I wanted to help him, so I prayed to God for him to follow me to the Hesed retreat, and my prayer had been answered. On Sunday evening, in the room he told me is asking his friend to come and pick him up, and I said to him, “Give me one day, if after Monday you still want to go, so be it”. Monday after all the prayer and healing session, he said he will stay and asked me to buy him a rosary. On Tuesday, he went to give his testimony and said that he is healed of his anger and he feels much calmer. I was so pleased and thankful to God.

As for one of my daughters, she said I don’t love her and she is always upset and angry against her little sister. No matter how much attention I give her, she is always rude to me. On Thursday for the inner healing, I think she felt something because when we were going for dinner, she came and said sorry to me. I am so thankful and blessed to have all these blessings. Thank you God.



I enjoyed my time here yet again. I loved the talks that were conducted by the preachers. I forgave people I had grudges against. During the inner healing, I saw a magnificent tranquil beam of light slowly drifting towards me. Out of curiosity, I opened my eyes, but the light surprisingly was not there. I shut my eyes and the bright light descended upon me – cleansing me.



I found that during the retreat, of which I benefited from spiritually so much, giving my praises and thanks to Jesus, which made me light-heated, giving a spring to my steps around the Holy Abbey. For some time, I suffered a little from repetitive strain injury on my wrist. I usually pick heavy thing with my left wrist or right wrist in my kitchen. Anyway the wrist kept getting locked and caused pain when trying to make it flexible. To cut a long story short, my wrist is cured and recovered by back by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and prayers made here. I give grateful thanks to Jesus who has shown me healing and shown me about retreats.



In this retreat, I thought all talks were interesting, especially on how the devil takes control. This retreat was different from all others because it was more interactive. I liked the films we watched. They were inspiring and helped us to understand certain dilemmas and how people face such dilemmas.



My recent visit to the optician disclosed that I suffer from dry eye disease. Even if I wanted to cry, there were no tears in my eyes. During adoration, God healed me. Tears rolled down my cheeks the second time; first during adoration on Tuesday and during inner healing adoration. I believe Jesus has healed my eyes. I have also been healed of my back pain and my neck pain and my past wounds. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!



The main change I experienced after attending this retreat is that after completing my confession, I feel just overall happy and peaceful. It feels like a heavy load has been displaced. During this retreat, I have also managed to talk to God sincerely from heart, without usual disturbances. During today’s inner-healing adoration, I experienced the Holy Spirit descending into my heart in the form of wind and heat. As a result, I am truly happy from within. The retreat was very good. The songs were meaningful. The talks were serious but easy to understand.



Ever since Year 7, I have been self harming. But in Year 9, it got worse. During adoration, I ask God to heal my physical wounds. After a while I could feel heaviness in my arm when the lights were turned on, I realised the marks had faded. I hope over time they will disappear.



On the first day of the five days at DRC, it was not very interesting for me. I continued to praise God and I felt as if I was getting connected to God and Jesus even more. Fr Joseph Edattu showed me the way of praising Jesus and God through your heart and it will give you satisfaction of peace in mind. On the third day, I gained a blessing – this was when I stopped itching. For 9.5 years, I had taken certizine to stop me from continuous itching. Praise the Lord! On the fourth day of the inner healing, I was able to forgive my father. Soon I realised that on my second apex of my toe, there was a small outgrowth of growing a sixth toe. When I visited the doctors they said I would need an operation to get it removed. During the adoration, my second apex of the toe was contracting and I felt relieved. Finally, it felt like that God has once accepted me again and I felt the Holy Spirit. Thank you Fr Joseph, Fr George, Fr Binoj, Br James and the whole of Divine team. May God bless you all!



The youth retreat was an amazing experience which I will remember and cherish in my heart forever. It has greatly helped me to become closer to God, especially through the adoration where the blessed sacrament was exposed and we could all feel God’s presence in the room as well as within our hearts. The blessings and miracles which God created and made happen drew all of us closer to God and helped me increase in faith. Furthermore, I was able to learn so much through all the talks from Br James, Fr Joseph and Fr George. All the talks were very insightful and relevant to me and most of us. The talks helped me have a better understanding and knowledge about the Bible, Jesus, the real world, confessions, devils, inner wounds and healings. I truly enjoyed all the talks and Father Joseph’s funny nature made it all the better. I honestly thank Jesus for being my guiding light and bringing me to this youth retreat where I was able to get peace, calmness in my heart and soul and where I was able to glorify God through songs and dances. I couldn’t have asked for a better guidance from God to save me from my past sinful life where I continuously crucified our heavenly father. I was able to understand the real effects and consequences of sins which I never knew about or, if I did, never wanted to accept. The retreat made me recognise all the things I do which hurts God and my inner wounds. The opportunity to go for confession was a massive blessing because for the very first time, I was able to full confess all my sins to not only the priest, but our father in heaven and receive absolution. The confession made me feel free from the capture of the devil and the adoration set me free.



I have had a profound feeling of comfort and reassurance. I have really enjoyed the mass, though very different, but quite moving. The spirit of charity in the way we are all allowed to serve and help ourselves is homely and welcoming. All talks were clear and full of genuine content. I must confess my favourite room is the Adoration chapel. The variety in food has been thoughtful and generous. Overall, it has been a God filled experience and by God’s grace I will come again. Thank you and God bless!



In the time spent at DRC, I have learnt something totally different to the thing that I believed in – “retreats aren’t fun”. In the past days, I have heard testimonies from Brother James, Fr Joseph and Fr George. Before I came, to be honest, I begged my Mum not to send me here. But in the days, preaching, which I thought was boring, was fun because how Br James and Fr Joseph and Fr George said it to us. Before I thought going to mass is a thing that you do every Sunday. I didn’t understand the meaning but ever since the fathers, brothers and the volunteers held mass, they told us how we should pray. Also the preachers support their point with real evidence which is also quite funny. I think people can their life by listening. They also gave important points that we need to know but forget. DRC UK have done a good job at spreading the word of God.



At first I had though this retreat would have been a waste of time. I was reluctant on attending as I though I had better things to do like studying. I was late to arrive because of traffic and had thought “Oh its fine if were late, then we don’t have to attend”. Anyways, I arrived and I was nervous; I don’t know why – I wasn’t happy. I didn’t join in as I was embarrassed. That night I got no proper sleep. The next day I started to loosen up a bit more and related to many stories that the preachers told us and started to realise a lot about myself. I was still reluctant to join in and actually did start to enjoy myself but I did start to enjoy it a bit more. On the third day, I think seeing the film of the crucifixion the night before changed my perspective of pain; I think it really helped me to understand many things. The film we watched about Heaven was also touching and helped me understand. All in all, I think I really enjoyed this retreat it made me feel so much better and I’m grateful I came.



For me, the youth retreat has been an experience which I will never forget. I have received blessings from God. On the first day, Father said an event related to me and made me realise that Jesus was there for me when I though no one as, and that he understood my pain. I was also worried about my future and what to do next, and the Father said that God will guide me and he is always with me. He gave me the bible verse Joshua 1:9. During the inner healing adoration, I was determined to receive the Holy Spirit and wanted to know for sure whether I have received deliverance, but I didn’t feel completely relived after the adoration. However, during the adoration I saw a line of blood with drops at the end, in the air when I had my eyes closed. When everyone was saying their testimonies, I felt like I didn’t receive anything but I told the girl sitting to me what I had seen and she told me to go up. I went up to the altar and said what I saw and the Father said that vision of blood is a sign of purity and deliverance. Overall, I feel blessed to have attended this Divine retreat as I have become lot closer to God as I became aware of my sins and asked for repentance.



My name is Lidhiya. I had come to this centre for counselling. I had no plans of attending a retreat. When Fr George told me to attend the retreat, I was very reluctant. The main reason I had come for retreat was I had lots of anxieties about health from childhood and it had grown worse. I was scared to even stay alone at home. So when my mother left me here I was very scared and upset. But something was telling me to join the retreat. So I came for the classes. I was quite scared many times during the class. But I slowly realised I was even able to sleep in the room alone and survived four days without my mother. During 3rd day adoration, I experienced lots of peace within my body and mind. During the inner healing and forgiveness session, I wholeheartedly forgave my mother, father and other people who had hurt me in my life.  I believe this was because Jesus helped give me strength to do so. I couldn’t believe in Jesus properly due to anxiety in me. But during the retreat I was able to believe in God more from the classes, testimonies etc. I thank and praise Jesus for all the blessings.



On the first day of my five-day retreat at DRC, I’ve thought of running away and I’ve always had the though of messing around. I messed around for a couple of days and I was really goby at items. After a couple of days, I started to think that there was no reason in just coming here and messing around. Therefore, I decided to praise God, however I was very fond of the preaching. On the third day, I asked Fr Joseph how it is possible for me to have Gift of Tongue and Healing the Sick. Father said that God is calling you and told me to use them efficiently and you have to fight your sins. However, I wasn’t really praying for God’s call. On the fourth day, a priest called after a session saying “Satan will be allowed to attack you if you hinder God’s call”. Hearing this I got scared I started asking for God’s mercy. But I wasn’t really interested because I wanted to go into a medical field. On that day during the adoration, I felt the Holy Spirit touch me and it healed me from my eczema on the legs. During the healing of internal wounds, I believed in the name of Jesus. This allowed me to dance and sing for the sake of Jesus. Since then, I had been glorifying God and I’ve decided to get rid of my sins. I’ve become really happy and I’m eager to praise God. DRC has totally altered my life.



When I first came to the retreat, I didn’t want to be here. I felt that I was forced to come support my family. I believed I was only there for moral support I would get nothing out of this experience. Ione week will be one and I will still be the same person. This changed on the first day. I realised that my relationship with God was not as good as I assumed. I realised that the numerous of times I had sinned and convinced myself it was fine, I will attend confession and everything will be alright, but I never went. I realised that these sins built up and I cried with everything I had. Before coming for the retreat, I recently became very emotional all the time I believed it was due to stress but I don’t know. This caused me to snap and mistreat the people I love – being rude to my family even though they had good intentions. The fact that I had no clue why I was like this. Why I was emotional was getting me even more angry and I ended up getting more emotional. This retreat helped me as the course of the week went on, the second I was still annoyed and upset about being brought here and it showed I was moody and agitated. But I then joined in with the hymns and bit by bit I started enjoying myself. As each day passed, I found myself going through an emotional journey, literally every day I cried. By the end of the second day, after confession, I felt at peace with myself – something I haven’t felt in a long time. I found myself looking forward to the different teachings and singing.


By the fourth day, after the healing of inner wounds and forgiveness, I was a completely different person. I was stronger, I could talk about things that have hurt me and not cry or shed a tear. This retreat was very useful and amazing because I didn’t realise I was this broken or had this many problems. I am grateful for everything because in the beginning I thought “what I am doing here” and I believed it was a “prison” on the first day and soon I realised that it was a “home”. Finally, I have found peace once I forgave and asked for forgiveness and confessed my wrongdoings. Because of this retreat, I am much closer to God!



Praise God! My name is Ailin George and I come from Swansea, Wales. I have already attended School of Evangelisation. This is my first retreat at Divine. Due to the fat that I have already attended SOE, I thought I wouldn’t have much more significant things to learn from this retreat. However, I was someone who had so much desire and craving for the lord in my life 24/7, this is how despite travelling six hours, I was so persistent in coming to this retreat. Nevertheless, the Lord has taught me so many new things and gave us talks on areas which I hadn’t even thought about, through Br James and Fr Joseph. From the first day, I knew I was in a holy place. When we prayed and praised throughout the first and second days, I couldn’t feel God’s presence near me, it felt like I was talking to no-one. I then had the thought that God didn’t actually love me, hence why I can’t be allowed to feel him.  I was very sad in my heart and disappointed because I had always though differently.


After confession on Tuesday night, I felt that any blocks that caused God from hearing me were removed. I felt so overjoyed because of his mercy. Father told us that after confession, we would be able to sleep peacefully. On the contrary, this wasn’t the case for me. I slept well but I was in a dream from the moment I closed to the moment I opened them. I had a dream that I was in a house with people – two adults, two youth and two kids. Each one of them wanted to kill me. I was terrified, because it felt impossible to escape alive. I kept praying and trusting that God would save me, and at the end, I ran away alive. Praise God. I came to realise through Fr Joseph that this was about satan getting frustrated about turning back to God, away from sin. Although this dream felt so realistic and petrifying, I felt touched. On Wednesday night, during adoration I fell down. When I fell, I felt Jesus coming by me and he spoke in my heart, “My daughter, when have I ever stopped loving you?” I had the gift of tears and tongues. I knew from then on that God knows exactly how we feel and his love is endless. By the grace of God, I was able to forgive those who had hurt me. I gained so much from this retreat, more things than I thought I would have. I can’t thank God enough for bringing me here and I hope he stamps a zeal in heart, to within his love and grace. Amen.