Holy Spirit

In the gospel of John 14:21-26, Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit as the Advocate who will teach us everything. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher of all Teachers. The Holy Spirit has been given to us permanently to inspire and motivate us. The Holy Spirit teaches us the Truth (Jn15:26).

The Spirit teaches in such a way that ordinary uneducated men begin to speak boldly (Acts 4:13). Peter, a fisherman on being filled with the Holy Spirit after the Day of Pentecost preached with boldness that lead to the conversion of 3000 people in a day! (Acts 2:41)

King David had power, wealth, and authority more than one could ask for. Yet like a deer that pants for water he thirsted for the Holy Spirit (Psalm 42:1) David understood the utmost importance of the Holy Spirit. He knew that it was more valuable than all the wealth in the world and that is why he constantly prayed to the Lord that he be filled with the Holy Spirit and pleaded that the Spirit never to be taken away from him. (Ps 51:10-11) It is one’s thirst that attracts the Holy Spirit the most and the Spirit quenches all thirst (Jn 4:13-14) The Spirit teaches us to turn our sufferings into joy for the Glory of God (Acts 5:41)

There is no partiality with the Holy Spirit. God’s promise is for everyone; believers and non-believers (Joel 2:28-29). The Spirit of God breathes new life into us (Ezekiel 37:3) making us a new creation and renews us (Psalm 104:30)  The Holy Spirit on first contact transforms a person completely giving them the ability to evangelize (Acts 9, Conversion of Saul). Even in our most difficult times of adversity all we must do is pay attention to the Holy Spirit so that the spirit can guide us to the way we should walk in (Isaiah 30:21)


Based on talk by Fr. Antony Parankimalil on 25th May 2020 by Rohit Cheyaden

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