The Most Perfect Good Friday Sacrifice, starting with Him – continuing with us!

The Most Perfect Good Friday Sacrifice, starting with Him – continuing with us!

Author: Priya Malkani   02 Apr 2021

It is said that history repeats itself, which has proven so, time and again.

Yet when it comes to the actual bloody Good Friday – the day of the most perfect sacrifice, it happened only once in the history of the world and can never be repeated again.

At the start of the world, i.e. at creation, because it was of utmost importance, it was one of the first events that was foretold (which was to occur in the world). Though long awaited, because it was perfect, it would only occur once through, the entirety of the life of this world (and there was no need for an additional sacrifice for man to be saved)!

Why was it perfect? Firstly because Jesus is God and is the perfect unblemished lamb.

Yet the sacrifice was delivered to perfection, when God who did the sacrificial act of dying in place of man, did so, by not only Generously giving up His Holy life, but with the Greatest of offerings i.e. excruciating pain, amidst BENEFACTORS who offered NO Thanks, but instead SEALED Him to His death with unjust condemnation, while He breathed His last hours amidst their taunting mockery!

With only one life, we too will only be on this earth just once and never again can our lives be repeated on earth. We too can only give once (sacrifice), and impact this world, in the way He calls us to.

When we suffer even after doing good, let us think of how we are joining Him in delivering the Perfect Good Friday sacrifice!

With certain people, often while we do good for them, we are misused. Moreover, the benefactor does not render any gratitude or in time gets hardened and ensures he/she will not humble themselves, to let us feel satisfied in receiving gratitude (after our repeated back breaking efforts for them).

Often, if we take it to the Lord, He reminds us to go the extra mile (in doing still more for that soul – which is Far From Easy). Still worse is sometimes being shocked with them turning wicked, by a new turn of events, whereby we are attacked or even betrayed.

Thereafter in some instances, while going through this unjust persecution, they mock us or seek more ways to ice the cake (of suffering) with their final touches of misery.

The Master’s perfect Good Friday sacrifice was delivered to PERFECTION, because He gave generously, He gave to the point it HAD TO HURT, Perfect sacrifice demanded that HE HAD to receive NO thanks but rather, HAD TO BE mocked by the same people who were not satisfied in torturing Him to no end.

When we go through such moments or even years of experience, with one or two people, it may help to remember we are here only once on this earth, and have only now to make our best contribution and when our sacrifices make us suffer so undeservingly, it is because there is Perfection in that sacrifice. Through our persecutors preposterous acts, we are delivering the PERFECT sacrifice (with Jesus and like Him) – in this one lifetime of ours.

In the end, He is the victor and through Him, our lives will be a victory for all eternity.






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