The Power of Praise & Worship

In the Acts of the Apostles (16:24-25) Paul and Silas were chained and  imprisoned in the innermost cell. About midnight they started praying and singing hymns to God. When they praised and worshiped the Lord, the Glory of God fell upon the place manifested in a earthquake so violent that it shook the foundations of the prison and immediately the doors were opened and the chains were unfastened. Any place that has praise and worship at its heart will witness the Glory of God and God will physically manifest himself in the form of miracles, healings, and wonders (Psalm 22:3). In praising we prepare a throne for the Lord. 

The greatest miracle of praise & worship is repentance and conversion. (Acts 16:31) When Isaiah encountered the Glory of God in the Praise and worship of Heaven, his first reaction was a repentance which made him exclaim out his own unworthiness (Isaiah 6:5) In Praise, the Holy Spirit inspires us to shed tears of our own unworthiness. The greatest weapon we have is praise and worship. When we shout to the Lord, he makes our enemy’s strongholds collapse and destroys them completely (Joshua 6:20). Praising the Lord sanctifies our tongue which we otherwise use to abuse and hurt others. 

King David was a favorite of God cause he always gave priority to praising God and even appointed a choir to sing to God (Sirach 47:8-11) When we sing out with joy to God, God delivers us from our enemies, our fears. He comes in our midst and even sings songs for us! (Zephaniah 3:14-17) When our heart is troubled and burdened with sorrows (John 12:27-28) and we feel tired of praying (Psalm 50:15) we must call on the Lord and bless Him (Psalm 103:1-4) and thank Him for all he has done in our life so that we may attain His salvation (Psalm 50:23). If we fail to worship God our Lord weeps for us (Jeremiah 13:15-17) Praise and worship ensures that we keep our body as Holy as his temple (1 Corinthians 6:19) We must praise God in all circumstances and encourage everyone to do so. 

Based on talk by Fr Antony Parankimalil (

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:25h, 12 May Reply

    Lord I Praise and thank you Lord

  • Hortensia Hamweene
    Posted at 13:20h, 29 July Reply

    I have been inspired with this talk, I have promised today and forever that praise will be my everyday song, may the Lord bless the author of this article.

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