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Regular retreats are conducted every weekend at the Centre, varying from one-day conventions to three-day residential retreats. They are conducted in over five different languages, such as English, Malayalam, Konkani, and Tamil, with retreatants travelling from all over the World, from places such as Australia, China, and Switzerland. A core team of intercessors, volunteers and preachers enable the success of each event.

The retreats are led by Fr Joseph Edattu VC and Fr Jose Palliyil VC, who are the residing priests at the abbey. Retreats do not merely include preaching, praise and worship, and teaching, but retreatants are taught the importance of what we practice as Catholics and the importance of the same. A new meaning and understanding of the Bible are unveiled and the Word of God is brought to life, as all the talks are based mainly on the scriptures and traditions of the Church. Each retreat focuses on a different topic, for example inner healing, deliverance, charisms etc, and special retreats are arranged throughout the year for different groups of people. For details of these, please have a look at our upcoming events.

The retreats are open to anyone and everyone; whether you are just starting your journey with Jesus, or you’ve known Him for a while, you are most welcome!

Nature of the Retreats