John 1:1-18

Lights. So, when you think of lights, what comes to your mind? Bulbs? Well, do you know about Jesus? Let me tell you about him! Jesus Is out light, our saviour. This season of Christmas is also known as the time of light and of course as mentioned before, Jesus is referred to as “the light”. Let’s assume you have the lights off in your room. How do you feel? Scared? empty? Hard to act? Now let’s apply this to us, our own lives; without Jesus (the light) our own lives are in literal darkness. Like we would bump into things and other objects because we cannot see in the dark, we would bump into sin and temptation without Jesus. We generally connote darkness with evil and danger. And Jesus is our light, walking with us every day, showing us the how to lead the brightest life we can possibly live. Let us pray, that this continues and may we spread the word, message of the light in our daily lives.

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