For Go​d so Loved the World – John 3:14-21

For Go_d so Loved the World

Author: Azisa Antinita Fernandes   02 Apr 2021

God loves everyone, regardless of their age, gender, wealth, holiness and sinners too! Therefore he sent his only son for us, so we may be forgive of our sins. Jesus, the Son of God dies for our sins. The verse continues, backing this up, for he is our “Saviour”. We continue reading, verse 18 states, “whoever believes in the son is not judged” This means that as sinners, and children of God, we need to believe in Jesus and believing and following Jesus reserves a place for us in heaven.

This verse highlights the fact that if we believe in Jesus our Lord, we will be blessed with eternal life with God and as Catholics, that’s our final goal; to be with God our Father and Jesus his only son. 

Dear children of God, God loves you SO much, that he sacrificed his only son for us, for YOU! But, you have a choice, the passage also mentions evil doers and in order to obey God’s order, we need to choose the light as said in John 3:19 “And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil.” The darkness refers to wrong choices and things God doesn’t approve of. We humans are attracted to materials things such as wealth and also addicted to habits and generally things in the world that lead us to sin. Sin includes lying, cheating, disobeying elders and much more which are primarily listed in the 10 commandments; we need to follow these as a minimal guide in order to get closer to God. 

An example of being in the presence in this light of God is when we pray. The same way we cannot see in the dark and cannot reach to something we need, light (Jesus/prayer) helps us see and get closer to God. So how can we get started? To begin with, we could start praying for ourselves and the whole world; this way, we will be able to become the light for others too; which will also please God!






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