Transcribed talks on Mother Mary – Influence of Mother Mary – Fr Antony Parankimalil VC

Let me start with a story, I have just recently read. The story is about a Mathematics teacher. She was teaching the children, so the teacher came to the class and asked Jerry, (Jerry is only 7 years old). The teacher asked him, If I give you one mango, another mango, and one more mango, how many mangoes will you have? Jerry said four mangoes. Then the teacher asked him did you really hear what I was telling you? suppose I give you one mango, and one mango and one mango, again Jerry started to count, 1,2,3,4, and said 4 mangoes. The teacher got annoyed and the thought may be Jerry does not like mango, let me put it in the form of Apple. Then the teacher started to ask, Jerry suppose if I give you one apple, one apply and one apple, how many apples you will have altogether. Then he started to count and he said three apples.

Then the teacher became so happy and excited and now Jerry got the point. Then again the teacher wanted to make sure that now he will give the answer to first question. So, now suppose Jerry, If I give you one mango, and one mango, and one mango, how many mangoes you will have, then he again started to count and with lots of innocence he said 4 mangoes. Then the teacher became so upset and said, Jerry why are you not getting my point, I told you one mango, one mango and one mango then how many mangoes? Then, in a low voice little Jerry told the teacher, teacher I already have one mango in my bag.

Sisters and brothers most of the time, we just think in only our way. There is something beyond, there is something that is more special. If we ask a question, why do I remember the story which I have read? It’s because today as we have this great feast of the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In my life some years back when I became a priest, I asked a question, this time I was in a retreat center, I was praying inside a chapel with lots of sorrow because I wanted to know the gifts the Lord has given me. I was in a retreat center and I was praying for the gift of healing, gift of word of knowledge because I thought that’s the only way, I can help people and I came to know though I am a priest, I don’t have any of these gifts and I started to pray. Somebody told me, pray rosaries continuously and Mother Mary is the Mother of priests, the queen of all the priests. So you should have a real devotion to Mother Mary. So when I started to pray continuously, I got an inspiration from Mother Mary. I just started to ask her, then She let me to a word, and this is from Gospel of Mathew chapter 10:8 The Lord is inspiring me, Mother Mary inspired me because it was while I was praying the Rosary, I got this inspiration. Cure the sick, when the Lord chose the apostles to be his followers, this is what the Lord told them, cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, you received without payment, give without payment.

Please repeat with me together: “cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, you received without payment, give without payment.” What the word of God was teaching me that this is what the Mother of God, the Mother of Priests, was telling me, my dear priest you are already a priest, you have all these gifts in you, why do you seek it somewhere outside? Priesthood includes all these gifts. Sisters and brothers the day you got baptized, the day that you are become a child of God, you have all these gifts, more than this Mother Mary is your gift. She is already being given as a gift to you. This gift was given. This gift was given on the cross, when Jesus was dying on the cross he said in John Chapter 19:27. Jesus looked at John the apostle and said “John, behold this is your Mother. Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.” It is a free gift, that means the greatest, most beautiful gift the Lord has given to all those who love him, is the gift of Blessed Virgin Mary along with all the other spiritual gifts. Anyone who loves God, God has given the gift of Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother Mary inspired me that day, that my dear priest, the day you have become a priest, I have given you all the Spiritual gifts. You don’t have to seek it somewhere else, its already inside you, since then, it was a great insight and I do remember later on after I became a priest some years later, one priest came and asked me Father can you please pray and tell me what gifts the Lord has given me? do I have the gifts of healing, do I have the gift of Prophecy, is there any gift? Father I think I don’t even have the gift of Tongues, I can see different priests healing, different gifts, they are announcing various things and I find that I am being sent without any gift. Then I told him you have been given the greatest gift, the gift is Priesthood. The gift that the Lord has already given is so special and it includes everything.

Mathew 10;8, Cure the sick, the gift of healing is already given to you. Then raise the dead you have the gift to bring people back to life. There are many who are spiritually dead, through the sacrament of confession, you are raising to life, by celebrating the Holy Mass in holiness you are giving them life, cleanse the lepers, you are cleaning the people in the sin of leprosy. You are casting out the demons. You have this gift, use the gift of priesthood and there is no gift greater and better than priesthood. Why do you think, about something smaller when you have something higher? Why do you look for something smaller, something little? Today as we have this great feast of Blessed Virgin Mary, She is reminding you, you have already been given so many gifts but it is hidden, but when you accept the gift the Lord has already given you is something so special, so unique, your life is going to change and when we look through the eyes of God everything changes.

I have read in a book which was sent by my brother and this is about an author called Fredrick. He is telling in this way: future of the world is in the hand of a girl. He has written this book all about Blessed Virgin Mary. The future of the world relied on this girl who accepted to fulfill the will of God. What makes Mother Mary special? She fulfilled the will of God in her life.

You read in Mathew chapter 12:50, where She has been asked, Jesus is telling for whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother’. Whoever does the will of my Father. Did Mother Mary fulfill the will of the Father? of course if we look at her life from the very beginning until death, She was always doing the will of God. The moment the angel appeared and told her this news that She will conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit, what was her response? Luke chapter 1:38, then Mary said “And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.” She said, let your will be done to me. Actually, Mother Mary was repeatedly praying the psalms, because Mother Mary was a Jewish woman and the Jewish people cannot even sleep a single day without repeatedly praying the psalms, and She had this habit. We should know why She was able to do this because her daily prayer was Psalm 40:8 and it is important that this prayer should also become part of our life. Let’s repeat this prayer together, I delight to do your will, O my God, your law is within my heart. (40:8, NRSV).

John Powell one of the most famous authors once visited Saint Padre Pio when he was just a priest but well known for his gift of healing, gift of word of knowledge and this man visited Padre Pio and asked him, Padre Pio can you just suggest me a prayer that will be more pleasing to God? do you have a single or small prayer, Padre Pio wrote in a paper in this way, “Thy will be done”. The greatest and the most beautiful and best ever prayer according to Padre Pio is “Thy will be done”. This is what Mother Mary did. This is what our Lord Jesus thought us in the single prayer. He thought us Our Father, who art in heaven the sum and substance of this prayer is Father let your will be done. Our life is going to change and transform when we submit ourselves to the will of God. We have to know before any prophecies fulfil, before anything happens, immediately what did Mother Mary do? She started to sing the song of Praise, before anything happens.

I have heard now because we have this livestream many people they ask prayers, and we give them some prayers to pray; and most often we give this prayer for a month. Then later on many say, Father I have prayed all the prayers you gave but there is no answer at all. There is no solution I have found. I am still Jobless, I am still unmarried, am still childless, I still have no house, I still have problem with my husband, my husband is still drinking. I don’t see any change. Do you have any more prayers or a different direction?  We have to know, Jesus was truly God and truly God. Fully God and Fully Man, but Mary was a full total human person and what did She do with all the prophecies She had, in her life She started without getting any answer. She started the song of praise, She started singing the hymn. How could She sing the song of praise, Sirach chapter 15:9 we read. If we have to praise the Lord, praise the Lord, “Praise is unseemly of the lips of a sinner, for it has not been sent from the Lord”.

Let’s repeat together, so if Mother Mary has sung the song of praise that definitely means that She was a sinless Woman. She was conceived, She was immaculate conception because She could sing the song of praise because She got the inspiration of the Lord, so with all the difficulties She had She started singing the song of praise with every crisis She had. So if anybody is listening to me, you say that you husband is still drinking, that you are still jobless, you have no promotion, your children are still playing computer games. Even now as you attend this live stream, your son is busy playing some kinds of games like Pub-G and all those things which may be so detrimental to the welfare of one soul, but remember what Mother Mary does, She sang the Song of Praise, why? This is because I have told you that She was the woman, She was the woman of the Word of God, we have to know Mother Mary is the one who kept the old testament. There was already the book of Psalms, the Book to the Old Testament, that was her life, that was the history of the Jewish People. And what did She know, this is Sirach chapter 39: 15-17, Mother Mary kept the Word in her heart, She knew there is a solution for the trouble that She has. Sirach chapter 39:15 “Ascribe Majesty to His name and give thanks to Him with Praise, with songs on Your Lips, and with harps; this is what you shall say in thanksgiving. All the works of the Lord are very good, and whatever He commands will be done at the appointed time. No one can say, ‘what is this? Or ‘Why is that? — for at the appointed time all such questions will be answered. At His word the waters stood in a heap, and the reservoirs of water at the word of his mouth.”

Sisters and Brothers, Lets go back to Sirach 39:16, when something happens in our life, whenever you are not getting an answer, you failed in the exam, you met with an accident, you are admitted in the hospital, you are affected by Covid 19, and you have been isolated, your own husband is misunderstanding you, they don’t give you any respect, you are working so hard, you are going through hardships, what you have to say, Mother Mary practiced the Word of God in her life, She fulfilled the will of God, what is the will of God? Sirach 39:16, “All the works of the Lord are very good, and whatever He commands will be done at the appointed time.” Repeat this Word of God lifting your hands. Sirach 39:16, “All the works of the Lord are very good, and whatever He commands will be done at the appointed time.

So what did She do, verse 15, She knew this She believed it, She practiced it. She has cried Majesty to the name of the Lord, so She gave thanks to Him with praise, with songs on her lips and with harps and with singing, praising, worshiping. She started to say, all the works of the Lord are very good, He has commanded things, and I am not here to question God. It will be fulfilled at the appointed time. Today as you listen to me, sisters and brothers I have a little testimony from my childhood, when I was as a little boy, my brother was a sacristan in the parish church dedicated to St Mary’s church. When I was a little boy my greatest dream was to become a sacristan. So I tried all the means and all the ways to become a Sacristan, because after my brother started to go to university, because I was also an altar boy I thought, my brother will recommend me to be a sacristan. I tried all my means to become a sacristan, and with a shock I came to know my brother recommended someone else and I could never become a sacristan. I was so angry because my own brother, did not support me to become sacristan.

That day because I was a little boy with little heart, little mind I was so upset though I did not tell anyone, but later on I came to know, God wanted me not to become a sacristan, but become a priest, today when you look back, what you have to do, whatever situation you have, the Lord said in 1 Thessalonians 5:16 (NRSV), Mother Mary put this into her life, She is the woman that the Word of God became part of her life, She put this into practice “Rejoice always.” Then 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Pray without ceasing. See Mother Mary is a woman She rejoiced always, She prayed without ceasing, then verse 18, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. So, If Padre Pio has written, thy will be done, if Mother Mary practiced, let you will be done, and Mother Mary fulfilled it in her life, by singing songs and praise and worship everything changes.

I do remember, some years ago, while I was in the retreat center, in Nairobi, Kenya. A lady came to me and told me, father my husband is a drunkard, he drinks throughout, I don’t know what to do he drinks throughout, he is alcoholic, I have advised him, I told him many things but he is not hearing whatever I say. Then I told her, I can give you some Word of God to pray, so that he may stop drinking, so She told me Father, please, please, don’t give me more prayers, I am tired of prayers, the more I pray, the More he drinks, the more I pray the more he attacks me. Father, I don’t believe in this prayer, because, I don’t see any change in him.  Then I was confused and I closed my eyes to prayer, I can see her for every retreat, and I can see her praying, She is a prayerful woman, She is also in our mission of intercession, so when I started to close my eyes, the Lord inspired me to inspire her, do you praise and worship the Lord, because this is what we have read. Let’s go back to Sirach 39:15-17, these words came true in the life of Mother Mary, Sirach 39:15-17, “Ascribe Majesty to His name and give thanks to Him with Praise, with songs on Your Lips, and with harps; this is what you shall say in thanksgiving:

The scripture is telling; you should have a habit of giving thanks to God, giving praise to God, with songs of Praise you sing musical instruments, you have to thank and what you have to say in Thanksgiving, verse 16, (Sirach 39:16), “All the works of the Lord are very good, and whatever He commands will be done at the appointed time.

I told her, you have to thank and praise the Lord, say that, your husband is an alcoholic, it’s very good, your husband is an alcoholic, can you Thank the Lord, can you Praise the Lord, for having all these? She is telling me Father, I don’t see anything good in my husband to thank, do I have to thank the Lord he is alcoholic, he is drinking, he is destroying money, he is beating me, are you telling give praise to God for this. I told its not me who is telling you the Word of God says. “All the works of the Lord are very good”, all the works includes, drinking alcohol, playing computer games, going for gambling, all the works includes evil things too. Praise the Lord, because your God cannot shame you, give thanks to the Lord because, at the appointed time, all such questions will be answered.

Whatever, He commands, we read, we should not question God, we should not argue with God, we should not ask, why my prayer is not answered, why my husband is this way, no one can say, what is this or why is that, for at the appointed time all such questions will be answered. Why did Monica pray 18 years, why was Saint Augustine an alcoholic, a drunkard a pagan for all those years. For at the appointed time all such prayers will be answered. St. Augustine, himself is asking God a question, why did you permit me to deny you all these years, you could have converted me years back, then the Lord told Augustine, so that, you may be compassionate and merciful to sinners like you.  So that Augustine may become not just a priest but a Bishop and a profound saint influencing the whole world.

Sisters and Brothers, Mother Mary did not question, She accepted the will of God, and sang the song of praise, that is why there is a prefiguration about Mother Mary, anyone who is holding onto Mother Mary will become a new creation. We read in the book of Wisdom, chapter 7: 25-30, if Mother Mary is the spouse of Holy Spirit, She has all the characters of the Holy Spirit because Holy Spirit imparted into her the profound gift of Wisdom, so those who are holding onto Mother Mary will also receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Let’s read this together, Book of Wisdom, Chapter 7:25, For She (She is Mother Mary, for She is prefiguration, She is symbolism) is a breadth of the Power of God, and a pure emanation of the Glory of the Almighty; therefore, nothing defiled gains entrance into her. For She is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of His goodness. Remember, Mother Mary is the reflection, we read verse 26, Mother Mary is the reflection of eternal light, She is a spotless mirror of the working of God, She is an image of His goodness. Can anybody deny this part?

Mother Mary is the image of God’s goodness, She is the spotless mirror of the working of God, and She is the reflection of eternal light, therefore, verse 27, we read, “Although She is but one, She can do all things, and while remaining in herself, She renews all things; in every generation She passes into holy souls and makes them friends of God and Prophets.”

See, Mother Mary makes us friends of God. If we study the history of Marian apparitions, in Guadalupe, where Mother Mary appeared to Huan Diego, and told him, am I not your Mother? She came as a consolation and in that place Guadalupe where thousands of people were killed, there was a kind of slaughter of human beings, Mother Mary appeared, and we read in history She converted people.

More than 8 million people got baptized in Guadalupe, after the apparition of Mother Mary. She converted people and made them friends of God, they got baptized. Whether it is in Medjugorje, anyone who has gone there, what does Mother Mary do? She made people make confessions, repent and made them friends of God. Her delight is conversion. When She appeared in Lourdes, what is Lourdes? Lourdes is the greatest retreat center in the world. Where sick people are getting healed, Seniors get converted, and She is the founder of this retreat center in Lourdes. I have been to Kibeho in Uganda, a place where Mother Mary appeared and inspired them, Repent! Repent! So that calamity will not strike on you.

Sisters and Brothers, I prayed, when I was in Kenya, I knew one secret why Europe is different. Why France is so special, I will say because of Lourdes, because of Mother Mary. Why Portugal is so good, so unique, because of Fatima. Let no one misguide us. Where Mother Mary appeared the entire place becomes people of God, it is such a great thing. So I know a secret for a country to be converted. Pray for a Marian apparition, that country will be so different. Maybe you are listening from Uganda, maybe from Ethiopia, from Lebanon from any part of the world. Mother Mary has total and complete accessibility here on this earth. If anybody is seeking for a Marian apparition, that place will become, that nation will become so Great, converted, so profound.

If you want your country to be converted, pray unceasingly, for a Marian apparition, if Mother Mary comes, although She is but one, She can do all things, and while remaining in herself, She renews all things, in every generation. She passes into holy souls and makes them friends of God and Prophets, it has happened in the history, this is all about a prophetic prefiguration, on Blessed Virgin Mary who converted nations and people. If a person or a nation has to become unique a Marian apparition is enough. Look at these nations, and also, we had to know, when Mother Mary appeared in all these countries, where there were too many difficulties, big crisis that’s the time She comes because She herself has gone through this crisis. She was at the foot of the Cross, called the place of the skull, where no one wanted to stay. Once a protestant Pastor asked me a question, Father, do you accept the Catholic Church gives an exaggerated attention to Mother Mary and you in a way sideline the work of the Holy Spirit. I explained to this pastor, no that is not true. We have to know, who is giving this exaggerated attention to Mother Mary not the Catholic Church, it is Abba Father that’s why Valerian D’souza, one the Bishops in India, has made a statement to those who have complaint about Mother Mary. He says in this way, “If you have any complaint about Mother Mary, write a letter to: The Heavenly Father, Paradise, Post Box no, 102030 and post to heaven, to the Father God because he is the Culprit, who said, behold this is your Mother, Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with You.”

This is not Gabriel, Angel Gabriel just brought a message from the Most High, Supreme God. Abba Father greeted a woman called ‘Mary’. Abba Father, see the respect, heavenly Father gave, then this is what we do because this is the will of Abba Father, and also keeps the greatness of Abba Father and his greeting, look at the life of Mother Mary, why God, is so faithful to Blessed Virgin Mary because She was faithful to Jesus on this earth. Jesus performed many miracles but not for Mother Mary. The only Miracle we read at the Wedding Feast at Cana was not performed for Mother Mary, but for that family. That means, Mother Mary believed in her Son, not because She witnessed miracles in her life, She has not witnessed any miracle, but She is found at the foot of the Cross, where those people who ate the Bread multiplied by Jesus, those ten leapers, those who were possessed got delivered. Those who have been healed by various sicknesses.  Those who have been delivered from demons. They disappeared when Jesus was in crisis, there were people shouting and screaming Crucify Him! and we find one single woman being so committed and faithful to the foot of the Cross, and you are saying, we should not give respect to this Mother, who was the faithful servant of God!

2 Samuel 22:26, we read, about the greatness of God, “With the Loyal, you show yourself loyal; with the blameless you show yourself blameless.” Do you accept that Mother Mary was loyal to Jesus, do you accept that Mother Mary was blameless, so God is also loyal to Mother Mary because She was blameless. God is also treating her as a Blameless person by giving her respect and honor. The honor that Mother Mary is getting is because of her Faithfulness. We have to know if anyone is going through Mother Mary, She will never reject them. She will make us Friends of God.

Let’s go back to Book of Wisdom, chapter 7:27, “Although She is but one, She can do all things, and while remaining in herself, She renews all things, in every generation She passes into Holy Souls and makes them friends of God and Prophets;” Book of Wisdom, chapter 7:28, For God loves nothing so much as the person who lives with wisdom. We know that is Mother Mary, who lived with wisdom. So God loved her so much and we have to know the Lord wants that we all imitate and be like this Mother. That’s the way, we can become true disciples.

Book of Wisdom chapter 7:29, She is more beautiful than the sun, and excels every constellation of the stars. Compared with the light She is found to be superior. Sisters and Brothers, She is more beautiful, than the sun, She is more beautiful. Anyone who had this Marian Apparition. I have a testimony of a young boy, he was addicted to a particular sexual sin, he was trying to overcome it but always falling into it. He was addicted to watching pornographic materials and was addicted to sexual sins and when we started to pray, Mother Mary inspired me to ask him to pray the Holy Rosary every day and we had a beautiful picture of Our Lady of Fatima and we told him, please print it out and place this picture in your bedroom. Look at Mother Mary, look into her eyes, She will look into your eyes. Just look into her. There is no one more beautiful, than Mother Mary, once you experience the beauty of Mother Mary, you will not be fascinated by any other beauties because, most of the people on this earth are duplicate beauties, because it’s all come up with make-up. Mother Mary is not like that, this is in scripture, why She is beautiful, because She is sinless, because She is Holy. Do you want to be beautiful, stop committing sin. This is the life of Mother Mary.

St. Augustine, made a statement in this way, God collected all the waters and put it in one place and called it ocean. Likewise, God took all the beauties all together and created a person called Mary. Beauty is equal to Mary; this is what St Augustine said. Why She is beautiful, She is a woman conceived without original sin, She is of Immaculate Conception, She is the most Holy woman, She is undefiled and those who have friendship with Mother Mary, get this beauty.  Why all these characteristics are being applied to Mother Mary, because She was the spouse of Holy Spirit, all these are the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. How did She get this character because She was a spouse, She became one united with Holy Spirit, in the same way when those who have a good affiliation with Mother Mary, as She is beautiful, She will transmit that beauty to you. She is, together let’s claim “She is more beautiful than the sun and excels every constellation of the starts. Compared with the light She is found to be superior,” anyone who had apparition with Mother Mary they say, first they see powerful light they could not even look at Mother Mary because it is light, because She is more powerful than the light of the sun. Book of Wisdom, chapter 7:30, we read, these are all about the pre-figuration of Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, verse 30, we read, “For it is succeeded by the night, but against wisdom evil does not prevail.” Sisters and Brothers, those who have such a strong and deep devotion with Mother Mary things will change.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe said, it’s never enough in honoring Mother Mary because God Honors Her. Jesus Honors Her and anyone who goes through Mother Mary, will never lose the way, because the direction is always to God. She never wants worship. She teaches us to worship God, the true God. Mother Mary is not God, but She helps us to become friends of God. Fr. Mathew, Father Joseph Edattu and myself made a pilgrimage to Fatima and it is there we got the inspiration to start the Marian devotion. This is first Saturday devotions and we started this in Divine. Fr Joseph actually started and made people do the Marian Consecration, since then we could see so many coming and we have to know, what does the first Saturday devotion include? the major thing is making a good confession, Praying the Rosary and attending the Holy Mass in a Holy manner and continuously attending and coming for these services. That means if you look into the core, into the center of it this is not a devotion to Mother Mary, this is a devotion of repentance. This is a sign to attend Holy Mass in a Holy manner and receive Holy communion after confession and go to confession often. This is what we look at any apparition that Mother Mary has done, Mother Mary is always focused on Jesus. Focused on Abba Father, Focused on Holy Spirit. She helps us and anyone who goes through Mother Mary, God will grant that petition because we have the Word of God, this is 1 king, chapter 2:19-20, This is about King Solomon, the Mother made an appeal to him, then what did he say, together let us read, “So Bathsheba went to King Solomon, to speak to him on behalf of Adonijah. The king rose to meet her and bowed down to her; then he sat on his throne, and had a throne brought for the king’s mother, and She sat on his right”. Then She said, I have one small request to make of you; do not refuse me. And the king said to her, “Make your request, my mother; for I will not refuse you.”

Sisters and brothers, lets read verse 19, when there are people, who pray the Rosary unceasingly, they are asking Mother Mary to help them, what does Mother Mary do? She is going to the King, and we know we have only one king and his name is JESUS, if the Old Testament is the pre-figuration of Jesus and Mother Mary, it has so many symbolisms.

Father Joseph, always speaks about Bible symbolisms and we know this symbolism about the Mother becoming the queen, not the wife, the Mother becomes the queen according to Bible symbolisms. Now this Mother is making an appeal on behalf of Adonijah, put yourself into that, and Mother Mary will make an appeal for you.

Some people ask me, why do we have to go through Mother Mary, why cannot we go directly to Jesus because we have that accessibility, the wail of the Jerusalem temple tore into pieces. That means we have direct accessibility to Jesus, then why do we go through Mother Mary? If anybody asks such things, there is no problem it is excellent, it is well and good. You can go directly, but me I prefer always, I have a recommendation from Mother Mary, I go with her, why? because I know I am unworthy, I am unholy, I am a sinner, I don’t think that I have any merit of my own. So I just rely on the goodness and the great merit of Mother Mary and I beg her can you please recommend me? I don’t have that credibility but I know you have it and as you are a Mother, I know you will even hide my mistakes from your son, your mighty Son and you will recommend me. When you recommend me I know, Jesus cannot refuse. Me, as a priest, I have seen many times, Mother Mary when I go through her, it is not a disrespect, because I have a great respect for Jesus and I don’t want to offend him in any way so I ask Mother Mary to hide my mistakes, go to Jesus and plead on behalf of me. Sisters and brothers, as we have this great Birthday of Mother Mary, make a request to Mother Mary. Ask her and when you tell Mother Mary to hide your weaknesses and recommend to Jesus, it will happen.

Let’s ask Mother Mary to pray for us. She is a Mother who will never despise our petitions because She is a Mother, who lived the Word of God in her life. The Old testament came true in the life of Mother Mary. She practiced it in her life. For her, doing the will of God was her mission, and She practiced it and her greatest joy is to make us the Friends of God. Let’s seek for this intercession, for this grace on this day.

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